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  CRM Module Release  
  November 2011  
Propella’s CRM development is a tight integration with the Propella ERP system...
  Propella wins Targa  
  10 November 2010  
Propella provided the power to blow Targa competitors off the road in the recent 2010 Dunlop Targa rally with a first place finish.
  Propella with the Warriors  
  16 June 2009  
Propella was hard at work as usual on a Tuesday. This time analysing system requirements to correct Lance Hohaia's 'pass to the wing' two fairways across from where he was aiming.
  Propella updated on the Web  
  April 2009  
We are bright enough here at Propella to know that if you are reading this you have discovered our new Web Site...
  Propella on the golf course  
  8 April 2009  
The Propella golf team has successfully defended the trophy won in 2008 for the Pupuke Golf Club's 'back-to-front' day...
  Propella on the airwaves  
  1 April 2009  
You will hear Propella on The Radio Network (TRN) stations Newstalk ZB and Radio Sport from April 2009...
  Propella with the Warriors – 1 September 2008  
  1 September 2008  
Propella entered a team in the Mad Butcher's Warriors golf day at Huapai on the first day of spring. We were lucky (or unlucky depending whether you liked the conversation or the golfing ability) to have our favourite rake from the Warriors, Ian Henderson join us...


A philosophy of building long relationships with customers is mirrored in Propella’s current client list which still includes companies we first met in the early 1980's. This is testament to the high level of after-sales service and support provided.

If you are a Propella client and need some help with a Propella product you can either call +64 9 478 0008 or email Propella maintain a call management database and will ask you for the degree of urgency to apply to the issue.

If you are emailing our support address, this will be monitored by a Propella support person throughout the day and you can expect to have a response within an hour of your query. It is always helpful to attach any screen shots of the issue. Use "Alt + Print" to capture these then paste into an HTML email.

Our call management database holds these attachments with your query along with any history of calls or links to similar calls received from other clients. This means that any support staff from Propella are able to pick up the thread of your issue if the originator is out of the office.

We are able to send you details of any issues including requests for additional development from this database whenever you require. An Account Manager will be assigned to your site who will arrange this - please call if you are uncertain as to who this is.

Our normal hours of business are 8:30 to 5:00 Monday to Friday when direct support to your system history is available. Outside of these hours our phones are diverted to a staff member who will do his or her best to assist with the issue.


Training enables users to get the most value out of their software as quickly as possible. Propella is designed to be intuitive, minimising training times and costs but with the extensive list of features available it is important that the time budgeted for training allows you to pick up as much as possible.

With a converted system at least one month prior to live running, training can take place according to client preferences. Options available are to train in a class-room format, one-on-one with specific job function training, 'train-the trainer', or self-training using supplied manuals.

We find in practice that a combination of training given just prior to go-live day and on-site Propella presence during the first week or two of live running provides the best means of hands-on knowledge transfer.

At the first month end we check data integrity and assist with any month end procedures.

User Group

Propella holds regular User Group meetings and encourages all clients to attend. We use the time to present new features along with intended developments. The latter encourages our clients to provide input into the intended path of the product and so it is vital to come along and have your say.

A general business section of the meeting calls for comments and queries from the floor and is a great way to put your issues directly to Propella management.

Discussions between our clients often result in solutions we at Propella may not have thought of. New developments requested by our clients can also result in shared costs resulting in customisation at a fraction of the full cost.

Propella uses the occasion to end with catered refreshments and a chance for clients to mix socially with all Propella staff they may usually only deal with by telephone.


We are able to make changes to Propella as and when these are requested but reserve the right to reject requests for changes that may result in a performance reduction of the core Propella product or may not conform to our standards of system development.

We feel that it is essential that we offer a customisable option to the product so that urgent requirements from suppliers, customers and government compliance can be met. We are able to do this because we are the sole developer and have developed a change management process that has been carefully refined over many years to ensure customisation does not impact performance.

Individual requests for change do not leave a client with an orphan version. It is a condition of sale that upgrades are taken so that support is always within a current release window.

Any changes made to Propella, whether paid for or not, may become part of the Propella product and, as such, ownership remains exclusively with Propella Software Limited.

Small changes to the core system are difficult to leave out of the total product so must become part of the overall software. Standalone areas such as reports can be unique to a customer and can be isolated from other Propella users if these are considered to be commercially sensitive. On the gain side you also share in those developments requested by others.

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