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  CRM Module Release  
  November 2011  
Propella’s CRM development is a tight integration with the Propella ERP system...
  Propella wins Targa  
  10 November 2010  
Propella provided the power to blow Targa competitors off the road in the recent 2010 Dunlop Targa rally with a first place finish.
  Propella with the Warriors  
  16 June 2009  
Propella was hard at work as usual on a Tuesday. This time analysing system requirements to correct Lance Hohaia's 'pass to the wing' two fairways across from where he was aiming.
  Propella updated on the Web  
  April 2009  
We are bright enough here at Propella to know that if you are reading this you have discovered our new Web Site...
  Propella on the golf course  
  8 April 2009  
The Propella golf team has successfully defended the trophy won in 2008 for the Pupuke Golf Club's 'back-to-front' day...
  Propella on the airwaves  
  1 April 2009  
You will hear Propella on The Radio Network (TRN) stations Newstalk ZB and Radio Sport from April 2009...
  Propella with the Warriors – 1 September 2008  
  1 September 2008  
Propella entered a team in the Mad Butcher's Warriors golf day at Huapai on the first day of spring. We were lucky (or unlucky depending whether you liked the conversation or the golfing ability) to have our favourite rake from the Warriors, Ian Henderson join us...

Focus propella-d into e-commerce

Tuesday, 17 October, 2000 by Darren Greenwood Computerworld

Propella capable of being installed as a run-time product without the need for any additional third-party charges.

After 12,000 hours of development, Brian Keltie feels his accounting software package is ready for B2B e-commerce.

The Windows-based Propella system has been developed over two years by Auckland-based Focus Computer Systems with the help of a $224,000 grant from Technology New Zealand. The 20-year-old company is already using the software for its own accounting, distribution and manufacturing, while the package is undergoing beta testing in time for an official launch in the new year.

Keltie, a Focus director, says the marketing of Propella is still being finalised, but it will retail for around $1800 a user, with the package including financial, stocks and order processing. Features like contact management and manufacturing requirement planning are likely to cost extra. Rental over an ASP model is also being considered. The product is Web-enabled.

Propella is capable of being installed as a run-time product without the need for any additional third-party charges, such as database or report writer licences, assuming an existing Windows 95, 98 or NT network is installed.

Keltie says Technology New Zealand provided the catalyst for the bulk of Propella's "engine" work, allowing Focus to build a product that was more robust and offered more features than originally planned.

Focus is looking for outside investors to help market the product worldwide through the Internet, local dealerships and international alliances. The company, which employs 10 staff, plans to double numbers over the next year or two. It is looking at licensing and distribution agreements, or opening offices in Sydney and Melbourne.

"With over 12,000 hours of input, it's a substantial product. We are delivering simplicity with underlying complexity. The person using the system does not see the complexity but the many features delivered," Keltie says.

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