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  CRM Module Release  
  November 2011  
Propella’s CRM development is a tight integration with the Propella ERP system...
  Propella wins Targa  
  10 November 2010  
Propella provided the power to blow Targa competitors off the road in the recent 2010 Dunlop Targa rally with a first place finish.
  Propella with the Warriors  
  16 June 2009  
Propella was hard at work as usual on a Tuesday. This time analysing system requirements to correct Lance Hohaia's 'pass to the wing' two fairways across from where he was aiming.
  Propella updated on the Web  
  April 2009  
We are bright enough here at Propella to know that if you are reading this you have discovered our new Web Site...
  Propella on the golf course  
  8 April 2009  
The Propella golf team has successfully defended the trophy won in 2008 for the Pupuke Golf Club's 'back-to-front' day...
  Propella on the airwaves  
  1 April 2009  
You will hear Propella on The Radio Network (TRN) stations Newstalk ZB and Radio Sport from April 2009...
  Propella with the Warriors – 1 September 2008  
  1 September 2008  
Propella entered a team in the Mad Butcher's Warriors golf day at Huapai on the first day of spring. We were lucky (or unlucky depending whether you liked the conversation or the golfing ability) to have our favourite rake from the Warriors, Ian Henderson join us...

Propella - Product FAQ

Q: Will Propella support any number of companies on the same server for the same licence fee?

Propella is sold on the basis of user licences, sometimes referred to as 'seats'. You may process accounts for a hundred companies on a single server and you will still just pay for one licence.

Q: Can you produce reports such as customer statements, stock movements and trial balances for any nominated financial period?

This is the true test of whether you are using a V8 engine or just a converted motor mower. Try looking at Propella's stock opening to closing balances with full audit between any two dates and then drill down to the detailed transactions. So stock valuations and trial balances can be run for any year and period and reconciled with the private ledger accounts for that period.

Q: Are there limits placed on the amount of history you can keep, the size of data fields or the number of references you can hold?

We have designed Propella with a no limits philosophy. Why limit pricing to three levels or even ten? Why restrict the size of a product code or the amount of descriptive information you wish to hold? Why not look up your product from as many angles as you want to? It's your business, not ours, so you take charge of the limits!

Q: If I keep a lot of history won't that slow me down?

This is where the clever ground-up design comes in. The only limit is how big your company's hard drive is.

Q: Can you share information with other applications? And if so, how easy is this?

Written with Microsoft's development tools, Propella is an ODBC compliant product. This means that other applications can use the information Propella collects and present it 'real-time' to applications such as Excel and Word. Our EDI capability also ensures that your trading partners needs are looked after.

Q: Can I also export and import data?

All reports can be exported to all major industry standard formats. For example, you could produce your statement of position report, save it as an Excel spreadsheet and email it to your accountant.

We have also built in exports and imports to suit targeted functions such as supplier pricelists, shipping acknowledgements, pricelist updates, banking and marketing mail-outs.

Connectivity with internet applications and remote order taking via PDA where customer and product databases are exported and sales orders are retrieved.

Stock take is another specialised area of data export /import where scanning devices can collect stock take counts and download these to the Propella stock take system.

Q: Can I answer the obvious questions simply?

We would be silly to answer anything but yes, but here are some examples

  • Do you have any left-handed sky-hooks in stock and what is my price?
  • So you have none in stock but do you have them at other branches or if they are on purchase order, what is the due date?
  • Is there an alternative product you could supply?
  • Which widgets did I order last time and what did I pay for them?
  • What orders have been entered but not yet despatched?
  • What status is my customer's order, if it has been despatched when and how did it go?
  • I don't know my customer's code or what products he ordered but I have his order number, can I find his back-orders?

Propella not only answers yes to all of these questions and many more, but it does so with a minimal number of keystrokes.

A grunty search engine finds your product easily using the method you preferred last time you searched – it might even be an embedded string of characters out of the product description. The all-seeing stock enquiry tells you what is on hand, allocated, on back-order, on purchase order and when it is due. Drill-downs then take you to every facet of this stock status summary. A single click for the price your customer will pay and another to show the full details of his order.

Propella is an information system which looks after the bean-counting well but more importantly answers the critical management questions also.

  • What is the value of orders taken this week compared to the value of orders invoiced? and how does that compare to the same period last year?
  • In the warehouse, how many orders did Joe despatch last week compared with Sam?
  • Which orders should be released today based on their 'date required'?
  • What orders are we holding because of credit difficulties?
  • What is the value of orders entered for major customers in the Northern sales territory?
  • My customer is one of my top 20% but are there stock lines he is not buying and are his buying trends decreasing over any categories?
  • Where am I supplying at a price below my desired margin?
  • Which products have been back-ordered this week?
  • Am I holding back-orders which could be released now?
  • What stock am I carrying which is not moving or in excess?
  • What are my service levels for my most important stock lines?
  • My customer gets a special price for a number of items but I want to provide a Xmas special which will override this and also give away a television for every twenty items ordered in this range. Can I do this without affecting his usual price?

A small sample of the way Propella can provide the answers when it counts.

Q: How flexible is the reporting?

Although many standard reports are included, each one contains numerous run-time choices and selection filters. Summary reporting, grouping and sorting and sub-totalling are all under your own control. Then to make things even easier, you can save your favourite selections and use them next time.

The general ledger has its own specialised financial report writer and another report writer is available for general database reporting and exporting such as target marketing.

Of course you can always use a third party product such as Seagate's Crystal Reports to create your very own report from Propella's comprehensive database.

Q: Can I change my product coding structure and what happens to my history if I do?

Not only your product code but any primary code such as your customer or supplier code can be changed and all of your history is instantly re-aligned to the new code.

Q: What do I have to do at month end?

We like to think that the most important thing you do is take a look at your KPI Dashboard and smile. You are also probably in a remote part of the world at the time so you will be accessing this from your notebook through the Internet.

Since any report can be run at any time, for any period, you do not have to do anything. The data is held in a manner which does not require it to be moved around and re-organised in any way.

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